To Be The Best: Rematch by H. L. Hertel

To Be The Best: Rematch by H. L. Hertel

four stars

2017 Red City Review Books Awards Winner for Best Characters

rematchIn this second installment of the To Be The Best series, author H. L. Hertel takes us back to the wrestling room of Riverside High School. Only this time, the Castle brothers and coach Sean MacCallister will have to beat tougher and darker obstacles than the first time around. As another wrestling season begins Nick continues his climb to the top and finally out of his brother’s shadow. Ron in the midst of recuperation from injuries is no longer on top and must navigate unfamiliar territory. Sean struggles with consequences of his own injuries and becomes haunted by demons from his past. In another story of sibling rivalry and sport competition the audience will engage with new questions. Will Nick finally achieve the coveted title of State Champion? Will Ron beat the odds and end up back on top of the podium? Will Sean find the stability he’s searching for or will he hit rock bottom?

In To Be The Best: Rematch, the second installment of the series, Hertel again achieves a strong story about brotherhood and the world of high school wrestling. With all of the characters ready to start a new wrestling season, the audience will pick right back up with the characters they met last time. Hertel is successfully able to engage his readers with new obstacles and twists this time around. The author returns with his familiar reader-friendly prose and short chapters to keep the pace of the story quick. High-stakes decisions and high-stakes wrestling matches for the characters will keep the reader guessing until the end at who will come out on top and who will not. This book will leave readers, especially wrestling fans, hungry for more.

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