Trayvon/Bobby TB by Donald D. Warner

Trayvon/Bobby TB: Sophisticated Racism—America’s Infectious Disease by Donald D. Warner


tbTrayvon/Bobby—TB is a personal narrative focused on a “realistic examination” not only of the social and racism injustices of African Americans in America, but that also offers a solution to this insidious problem. Comparing this problem to the characteristics of tuberculosis (TB)–a once known worldwide killer in childhood, Warner highlights how its infectious characteristics “are symbolic of the disease that continually perpetuates and distinguishes itself in every aspect of the American society.” Basing his thesis on Trayvon Martin (2011) and his own brother Bobby (1960)—two men from two different time periods, unarmed and shot in the back by police, Warner offers a compelling and eye-opening solution to “the evils of discrimination and sophisticated racism that perpetuates America.”

Among a growing list of books, Warner’s most recent work addresses the main pillars of structural racism throughout American history: prejudice, power and privilege. Warner’s first person narrative covers various issues in African-American history of the 20th and 21st centuries. While combining facts with his candid memoir, Warner keeps his text engaging by including a nice array of apt poetry—both his own as well as poignant pieces from Langston Hughes. Of key importance are the different schools of thought that he presents and the process he takes that leads to his well-researched conclusions. Warner addresses the plight of African-Americans—particularly youth—and their unfulfilled “American dream of inalienable rights, liberty and justice for all,” Urging communities and churches to make a difference in the lives of a Black youths, Warner closes with a timely and encouraging message: “Take someone by the hand, volunteer your time, continue to send donations. Blow out the candle of despair and light the candle of hope.”

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