Treasure Dog Takes a Nap by F. Doodle


dogTreasure Dog Takes a Nap is an illustrated children’s book that chronicles the many times and places that the dog Treasure tries to take a nap around his family’s home. The book follows a pattern where Treasure talks about being tired, so he lays down to take a nap, only to be interrupted by something loud, disrupting his slumber. Whether it’s an alarm clock going off in the bedroom, the dishwasher running in the kitchen, the paperboy throwing newspaper against the window, or  the hairdryer in the bathroom, Treasure just can’t seem to catch any quality sleep. This pattern of Treasure getting woken up from his nap repeats until his owner comes home and he gets some nice love, affection, and most importantly, pets.

While the idea for this children’s book is fun, it is a rather simple concept that doesn’t offer anything terribly exciting. It is best suited for very young children who will enjoy the simple plot, repetition, and call outs of different rooms and household appliances that prevent Treasure from falling into a deep slumber. The illustrations are fun and engaging, but could use a bit of refining, as they do not appear to be entirely professional. The passion and heart to this story is present, it just needs a bit of fine tuning to make it truly shine and pop out from the pages it’s written on.

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