Triple Save by Glenn Rice


tripleButch and Jared Olsen are the kind of boys that every mother wants to have– honest, trustworthy, caring, and genuinely big-hearted. They take what life gives them and try to make it better. Even when their father is incarcerated for a rape that he did not commit, they take the slander and the taunts that come with being the son of ‘Ricky the Rapist’ in stride. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, especially when the taunts are coming from Courtney Iverson, the most beautiful girl in school, the girl who used to be one of Butch’s best friends. When Butch later saves Courtney from drowning, he is torn between hate and adoration, and when his mom suggests a move, he jumps at the opportunity. Eventually, Butch changes his name to Chet, hoping to leave the bad memories of his past behind while he begins a fresh future. However, the world has a funny way of teaching love, forgiveness, and acceptance and Chet has no way to know what his future may hold. Triple Save will have you believing in true love again.

Glenn Rice’s novel, Triple Save, is a fun romance novel that will have you forgiving even your worst enemies. Rice reminds us that everyone has their own story, their own burden, and that it is our decision to take the time to discover those stories or not. Well-written and well-edited, the only thing that Triple Save would really benefit from is a less cheesy title and one less mention of the author in the novel. If you are looking for a feel-good story, that makes you want to live your life to the fullest, then look no further and enjoy getting to know the Olsen brothers in Triple Save!

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