Twilight Visitor by Real Laplaine

four stars

With the world caught up in a web of political struggle, disappearing energy resources, and the potential of no longer being able to sustain life as we know it, a seemingly average man, Mateus, faces the culmination of a thirty-four year long series of nightmares in Twilight Visitor: A Global Thriller. Author Réal Laplaine writes a tale of impending nuclear war while merging it with out of this world knowledge. After all, the visitor, who comes to Mateus, is not from the planet Earth. Mateus has been chosen by this extraterrestrial visitor and her world to help save Earth while governments across the globe plan their military strategies. But, will Mateus, a man of logical black and white thinking, accept that the visitor is from beyond our world? If he does, what can he do to help save his home planet – Earth?

Even though you may need a dictionary to keep up with the complexity of the vocabulary the author uses throughout the story, you will most likely be deeply enthralled with the plot. Laplaine does a wonderful job painting a very descriptive picture for you, and helps you immerse yourself into the story’s scenes. There is a great deal of political and military strategy within Twilight Visitor while you, as the reader, are asked to open your mind to the possibility of other worldly governments keeping an eye on planets throughout the galaxy. Laplaine asks you to open your mind and expand your consciousness just as Mateus is asked to do the same by the Twilight Visitor.

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