Twin Flames by Tanja Kobasic


The second novel in The Untapped Series, Twin Flames by Tanja Kobasic builds on the story of conjoined sisters Scarlett and Jade Jennings who were introduced to us in the first novel, Vanishing Twin. Having survived a tumultuous childhood, the sisters are now best-selling authors living comfortably in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tranquility does not last for long though, as Scarlett’s relationship with Sebastian, an illusionist performing in the city, takes a turn to the dark side, as his supernatural powers begin to lead him towards dangerous aspirations. The twin sisters who are unable to be separated from one another physically begin to divide emotionally, as Jade is concerned for where her sister’s heart lies deeply in love with the treacherous Sebastian. A tale of good versus evil filtered through the lens of an intangible, complicated love, Twin Flames is a riveting piece of fiction unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

For a book about a famous pair of sisters who are conjoined, you would think that this story would be farfetched and hard to believe, especially with the supernatural elements of magic that are added into the mix, but author Tanja Kobasic has made the world of the Jennings sister’s into a believable one, regardless of all of the unusual instances that are occurring throughout the book. From her writing you can tell she is really dedicated to her characters, and carefully constructs plot points that are both surprising and satisfying. Even though this is already the second book in the series, and a great deal of ground has been covered, we’re sure that Kobasic will have more engrossing stories to follow in the still unfolding Untapped Series, and we can’t wait to read them.

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