(Un) Sound Mind by Richard Amico


unsoundWhat makes one know the difference between reality and fantasy? For that matter, what is reality? Richard Amico’s book, (Un) Sound Mind, feeds you, the reader, immediately into a scene where these questions are clearly evident. Is Franklin Jameson really seeing apparitions in his bedroom at night, or is he losing his mind? Dr. Ruth Klein, a psychologist, just might be able to help him. Yet, she has her own issues to deal with. It doesn’t take long though for Franklin’s nightmarish episodes to wrap the reader and Dr. Klein up so tightly that one might feel as though he or she is in the scene too. Again, the question arises – what is reality?

(Un) Sound Mind will grip you around the throat while your heart races and your mind works overtime to comprehend just what is actually happening. Richard Amico does a fabulous job pulling the reader into the story while they wait with baited breath to turn to the next page. He lays out the nightmarish confusion of Franklin while he weaves in a secondary plot, which involves another of Dr. Klein’s patients. The reader will most likely highly anticipate the answer to what mysterious connection these characters have. Amico doesn’t waste time as he gracefully blends the plot lines together while still leaving the reader wanting more, and anxiously awaiting a climactic ending. If you want to dive headlong into a thrilling mystery with a psychological twist, then picking up and reading (Un) Sound Mind will offer you an enjoyable escape from your own reality.

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