Uncollected by Qiana Davis

A collection of thirty-three poems, Qiana Davis’ book Uncollected is a powerful poetic piece that speaks volumes about women, race, relationships, and so much more. Divided into three separate sections entitled ‘Antique Minds,’ ‘Emotional Record,’ and ‘Coin Masters’ this collection never loses its beat as the prose keeps the reader engaged. Poems like ‘Self-Absorbed’ reflect on the character of a specific individual, while other poems like ‘White People’ focus on an entire group of people, offering up words to divulge how the poet perceives them, or at least how she leads on to how they are seen. The poems are all mostly one page long, and their lines only contain a few words each, but that doesn’t stop them from getting their messages across. The poems ‘Beauty Supply,’ ‘She & I’ and the titled poems from each section are especially of a formidable note, that we find to be delivered in a fantastic manner.

This may not be a collection of poetry for everyone, as there are many harsh words, slang is often used, and race issues are brought to the forefront. That being said, this is the kind of collection that shows the poet’s strength, as her work varies in tone and length, even though the structure of the lines stays relatively the same. Qiana Davis has written the kinds of poems that you want to talk about with others, as she looks within herself, and those around her, trying to come up with an adequate way on how to describe how she feels. In Uncollected, she does more than just put words on a page; she evokes a feeling that all poets strive to achieve.