Undamned by L.E. Kinzie


undamnedOne might say that L. E. Kinzie’s book, Undamned: My Escape from the Old Testament, not only shuns the big business of modern churches, but her defensive voice seems to damn them as well. Kinzie offers readers an opportunity to visualize the spiritual journey she has traversed in her desparate attempt to find God and learn what it means for her to be truly spiritual. In the initial pages, Kinzie expresses her distaste for the fast-food mentality so many religious organizations and churches today have taken. The writing in Undamned flips from supporting the good intentions of many within such organizations to rejecting their one-size-fits-all approach. Kinzie shares her individual and personal story broken into two parts. She expresses how she came to discover the truth about herself and about what she believed to be God. Pulling the proverbial rug out from under her spiritual beliefs and weaving a new rug helped her open to happiness versus continually stalking it in an attempt to capture it. In the spiritual toolbox, shared in Undamned, there are twenty tips and pieces of advice to help other seekers break free from the chains of the Old Testament.

L.E. Kinzie shares a story of searching for one’s spiritual self while trying to understand what God and spirituality really is. Undamned: My Escape from the Old Testament comes not from a clergy member or other authoritative figure, but instead an average person, who was once a self-proclaimed religious addict. There are a handful of useful tips and tools in Undamned, but there is also a lot of repetition in regards to the author’s personal experience. An angry and defensive tone pours forth from the pages even as Kinzie expresses the vital importance of recognizing that church is something each of us should create for ourselves. In her final thoughts, Kinzie tells the reader that the church isn’t God, but is every person individually as well as collectively. Ultimately, Undamned: My Escape from the Old Testament is the journey to realizing that connecting to God or spirituality doesn’t mean one has to go to church as God is everywhere and in everything.

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