Until Tomorrow Comes by LaDonna Marie

‘Until Tomorrow Comes’ is a journey through poetry, put together in an entrancing way by poet LaDonna Marie. As the author describes in the introduction of her book: “poetry is an outlet for the heart, always seeking to enrich perspective.” The poems contained within this collection take the reader on a journey, through growth and awareness, as the complications of life aim to hinder our dreams. The pieces within are motivating and inspiring, urging the reader to look at their life in a positive light, even if at times it seems impossible to do so. LaDonna asks the reader to take an expedition with her through the words she shares, begging them to seek out the root of the problems they are facing, and challenge themselves to take their hardships head on. The collection is broken down into six main sections: Lost, Lover Scorned, Encouragement, Eyes Wide Open in Love, I’ve Arrived, and The Closure. There are many standout poems, but some of the best are Yearning, The Chase, and I’m in Love With Love.

The reason this book of poetry succeeds at what it sets out to do is because the issues discussed are the kinds of things that everyone goes through. LaDonna has put together a book of poetry that all sorts of different women will be able to relate with. Her words are strong, but her voice is even louder, as she crafts poetic pieces of triumph. Some of the poems are rather short, but everyone packs an emotional punch. The poems included in this book fit together well, and are organized neatly into sections, the love and turmoil spread evenly throughout, building to a riveting conclusion that causes the reader to reflect upon their own lives.

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