Utopia by Jerry J.C. Veit


Brian Troth fell asleep in one world and woke up in another. A shot to the head put him in a coma that lasted 30 years, and in that time everything changed. Before there was poverty, hunger, and violence, but now the world is perfect. Everyone has the perfect job, the perfect home, and the perfect spouse. Utopia has been created, but can it really be true? Brian has a hard time believing it and starts asking questions…questions that could threaten not only his life, but the lives of those he cares about.

Jerry J.C. Veit has created the perfect world…with a catch. Utopia explores the possibility of perfection and the price we must pay to achieve it. Brian is a complex character with complex emotions. He is very believable and relatable. He reacts in ways that many of us would if we were suddenly thrown into the same situation. He wants to believe. He wants to just go with the flow like everybody else, but deep inside he knows something isn’t right. The rest of the world had time to get used to this new world so it isn’t a big deal for them, it’s just how things are. But Brian is thrown into the mix with no real time to adjust. He still has the mindset of the old world, our world, and it clashes dangerously with the way things are supposed to be in this new “perfect” world. It is a tough place to be-wanting the truth but wanting to have the perfect life. He is conflicted, and Veit writes through all of his emotions with the perfect amount of gusto. The reader is put in the middle of Brian’s internal (and external) conflicts while being surrounded by a perfect peaceful world. Veit’s style is very straightforward, without the extraneous details that aren’t needed, but you generally don’t feel cheated or like anything is missing. However, the style and structure of the book does take some getting used to. Utopia is written like a screenplay, so the scene setting, dialogue, etc. may be different than what most people expect. Regardless, there is a riveting story within these pages that readers are sure to enjoy.

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