Valley of Long Shadows by John Hansen


valleyValley of Long Shadows is the third book in the Bluesuit Chronicles. It is a historically accurate account of police work in the early 1970s, a transitional decade, when America is coming apart at the seams both politically and socially. The chronicles are based on actual events of the time, making the series a kind of fictional memoir of the author, who was a police officer at the time. Returning Vietnam veterans who become police officers find themselves holding the line against societal anarchy and even traditional roles between cops and robbers in police work has become more deadly. Intense conflict between unseen influences of good and evil are evident in every sphere of American life. The book carries strong themes of real-life, fast-paced action, romance, mystery, and intrigue at the end of an era filled with government betrayal, corporate failure, an angry and disillusioned public. The 70s is the decade that brought America to where it is now.

Author John Hansen is at it again with the third installment in the Bluesuit Chronicles. We find the characters thrust into increasingly dangerous situations while trying to navigate the social fabric of 1970s Americas. Roger Hitchcock has made connections with the people around him and has found his footing in this new world. A world where almost everyone seems to only look out for themselves. Told from a first person perspective, the author dives straight into the human aspect of the events in Vietnam and how they are affecting the soldiers coming home. This poignant portrayal of one man’s transition into civilian life is a powerful reminder of what every soldier must go through upon their return from active war zones.

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