Vanishing Twin by Tanja Kobasic


A riveting novel that focuses heavily on the themes of good vs. evil and what it means to be sisters, author Tanja Kobasic has created an engrossing read with the first of her Untapped Series: Vanishing Twin. Telling the story of conjoined twins Scarlett and Jade Jennings, sisters who are fused at the pelvis, the narrative is rich from the very beginning. Even though the sisters had a troublesome start to their lives, not only because of their physical state, but due to being born to a Bulgarian teen with a drug addiction, only to be raised in a shoddy orphanage, eventually the sisters find good fortune after being adopted by an American couple. Nowadays they have written a bestselling novel and travel as motivational speakers. It is because of their semi-level of fame that they meet Sebastian Cole at one of their events. Scarlett finds herself extremely drawn to this dark and mysterious man, who works as a grand illusionist in Las Vegas. Supposedly possessing demonic powers, Sebastian may not be all he seems, but that doesn’t deter Scarlett from trying her best to follow her heart after him. The only problem is, she has a sister that she can’t get rid of, and Jade is not pleased with her sister’s wishes.

What’s so great about this novel is that Kobasic has created a world in which everything appears to be real. Conjoined twins of course are a natural occurrence, but the way in which the Jennings sisters live their lives is unmatched in our society, since we really have no famous conjoined sisters writing bestselling books in today’s marketplace. Comparisons to the Tattler sisters who are currently main characters on this season of American Horror Story: Freak Show are bound to come up by any reader who also watches the show, and this is a good connection to make, as both sets of sisters are conjoined, and both wish to be rid of their respective sister for their own personal gains, whether it be for love, money, power, or all of the above. Although the Jennings sisters share one body, they certainly do not share the same mind, as Kobasic has developed each of the characters fully, in a way that makes it easy for the reader to distinguish the two. With a strong cast of supporting characters, the only thing upsetting about this book is that it ended too soon. However, with a planned series in the works, we’re sure that Kobasic has a lot more thrilling stories to share about Scarlett and Jade.

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