Walking with Elijah by Doobie Shemer

Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul 

by Doobie Shemer


Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul was crafted by Doobie Shemer based upon his shamanic journeying experiences.  Elijah is the spiritual teacher that Doobie met upon his first shamanic journey while at a weekend retreat focused on introducing others to shamanism.  In his book, Walking with Elijah, he elegantly shares his conversations with his teacher – his questions, and Elijah’s responses.  Throughout the chapters he breaks down various aspects of humanity, souls and the spiritual realms that many have questions around from heaven to soul mates to the different levels of souls, which according to Shemer, include angels.

Now practicing shamanism on a regular basis, Doobie Shemer has created a well-written rendition of his personal shamanic journeys.  Within Walking with Elijah, he shares his experiences in, what shamans call the lower world, the middle world and the upper world.  There is a good deal of intriguing communication between Shemer and his teacher, Elijah, and spiritual guide, Hilla.  However, it is exceptionally important to remember that these stories shared with you, the reader, are simply that – stories.  They come through the author’s human filters.  Our grasp of this “fable of a life journey” is that it is meant to share inspiration and different potentialities for the reader to ponder.  It feels like a good read to help others expand their own thoughts, and recognize that something else may exist beyond what they believed to be the exact end all, be all.  Shemer does a great job of writing in a simplified way that allows you, the reader, to explore the possibilities of your own path with interest and freedom.

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