Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot by Michael J. Bowler


warriorA unique perspective from the eyes, emotions, and minds of pre-teens and teenagers on climate change and environmental protection, Michael J. Bowler’s Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot is a fictional story with a profound message.  A Tale of New Camelot is the sixth book in The Knight Cycle series, but can be read as a stand alone novel.  King Arthur came to Los Angeles in modern times and ended up taking Lance as his son.  Now, Lance is 18-years-old and the new King of New Camelot.  Leading the Earth Warriors non-profit places him and all of those he is responsible for in a precarious situation.  Lance has faced threats on his life previously, and with his decision to turn away financial backers, whose companies are actually increasing the problem of climate change, he bravely places himself, the other Earth Warriors and the organization in harm’s way.  Though he was previously successful in getting the Constitution amended, Lance and his fellow EWs continually encounter lack of respect by their elders.

Michael J. Bowler has a way with words as he blends whimsical fantasy with modern dilemmas.  Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot boldly takes the stance, just as the cover also states, that “all life is sacred.”  This powerful message is expressed to Bowler’s readers in a way that can truly reach their hearts and minds by using a voice that teens can more easily relate to.  On top of the deep issue faced in the story in regards to climate change, Bowler eloquently writes about the beauty, strength, intelligence and power of those often tossed by the way side and looked upon as useless misfits.  Young or old, Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot is a wonderful story to dive into while making readers think twice about the health of our planet and the future for the next generations.

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