Water Lessons by Chadwick Wall


Jim Scoresby should’ve listened. He should’ve listened to his father, should’ve listened to the news, should’ve listened to his friend. That’s all he could think about while he and his friend, an older jazz musician named Freddy, were stranded on his roof during Katrina. Wishing he had grabbed Freddy and evacuated, he watched as everything he knew and loved disappeared before his eyes- including Freddy. In the aftermath, Jim runs from the destruction, roaming around New England for a while. Loving life in Boston- with a great job and a beautiful girlfriend- doesn’t change the fact that he still feels part of him is missing and broken, and he wonders if he will ever get it back.

Chadwick Wall has written a beautiful and emotional book that follows a man on a search to find himself and who he is after Katrina. Page one of Water Lessons will draw you in, and each page keeps you invested in the story. Wall really takes you inside the mind of Jim and lets you see everything he sees and feel everything he feels. You can tell Wall put a lot of thought and heart behind everything he wrote. He also uses adjectives and descriptions in a powerful way. It really helps take you deeper into the story and takes the story to another level. Wall takes you right into Katrina, and into the turmoil that swirls in and around Jim as he tries to cope. After everything Jim has been through picking up the pieces is hard, but it winds up being harder to do than even he expected. He is a battleground of emotion, and the way he reacts to different situations is something we can all relate to in some way. Wall made Jim very human with human emotions; even Jim doesn’t understand why he reacts the way he does sometimes. The journey of self-discovery he goes on takes him to the very edge of his sanity at times, as he fights to become the man he feels he should be. Water Lessons is a powerful and emotional read.

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