Weave a Murderous Web by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

four stars

weaveJane Larson, a New York City lawyer, is enjoying a small break in between cases when her legal assistant, and long time acquaintance, asks her to take on a case as a favor. She reluctantly agrees and from there an action packed mystery unfolds, filled with danger, crime, and page-turning excitement. Jane is a sarcastic, quick-witted character that is sure to keep readers entertained as she deals with law enforcement, the media, killers, and much more. The authors did an excellent job at developing characters that will grow on the reader and filling this thrilling novel with an abundance of twists and turns.

This book is well written and flows nicely, making it very easy to dive into and enjoy for even the most casual of readers. The plot is complex and has all the elements that make for an attention-grabbing murder mystery. It starts out with high stakes right from the beginning, and quickly becomes a suspenseful thriller filled with plot twists, while introducing interesting characters that hold the reader’s attention. The narrative is told in first person, and Jane often reflects back as if she is sitting with you telling the story, which really pulls the reader into the book. Weave a Murderous Web is a fast-paced paged turner with an intricate murder mystery at its heart that will keep you guessing from the first page until the very end. You won’t want to put this book down!

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