Well of Rage by Lynn Hesse


rageIt ain’t okay to be a woman. It ain’t okay to be black, Hispanic, or any other nonwhite race. And, it certainly ain’t okay to say or do anything that rattles the chains the good ole’ boys use to keep their way of living—and their secrets—locked firmly in place… It’s the year 2000, in Mobile, Alabama, and rookie police recruit Carly Redmund has just started her new job. The chips are already stacked against her, and most of her superiors are gunning for her career to end before it even begins. But Carly is strong-willed, sharp-witted, and ambitious, and she won’t give up or cave. Unfortunately, however, these attributes make her even more of a target during the course of her first big case, and soon enough, more than Carly’s career is put in jeopardy. When Carly is sent out on a “bones-found” case with a seasoned, jaded officer, the remains of a body aren’t the only thing that are unearthed. Carly’s concerns about the handling of evidence and coroner’s ruling set her on a behind-the-scenes investigation to discover the truth about what really happened to the decedent, an African American teenager who disappeared 26 years earlier. But, just as Carly is struggling to discover the truth, opposing forces are struggling to keep it hidden, and they’ll do whatever is necessary to keep their secrets safe—even if it means splattering Carly’s blood all over the thin blue line.

Well of Rage by Lynn Hesse is a riveting police thriller filled with drama and suspense. It carries readers on a fast-paced, intense journey for justice, where racism, sexism, crooked policing, political backscratching, and other forms of backward thinking and action are but a few of the obstacles standing in the heroine’s way. Though fiction, many of its pivotal plot points hinge on ugly realities that we, as a society, actually face, which poises Well of Rage not just as a “whodunit” in the typical sense, but also as a highly relatable, inspiring story of perseverance, overcoming challenges, and serving the greater good. An eloquently written and poignant piece, Well of Rage will keep you turning pages until the very end and leave you wondering what kind of troubling situation Carly Redmund will conquer next.

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