What Did You Learn at School Today by Rhonda Twiner

What Did You Learn at School Today? by Rhonda Twiner

four stars

socksA children’s picture book full of valuable lessons, What Did You Learn at School Today? written by Rhonda Twiner and illustrated by Stephanie Birdwell follows two young socks named Tommy and Tammy Toesock. The story begins when the two young socks get off the bus at their home after a day at school. Their mother, Mrs. Toesock, asks them what they learned today, and the two young socks quickly say nothing. Mrs. Toesock finds this hard to believe, so she inquires further, and before long both Tommy and Tammy have stories to share. Tammy made a new friend on the bus named Tracy Lacysock, and also was able to help a new student named Toby Tubesock. Tommy was selected by the teacher to perform a math problem on the board and show his skills to the other students. While the young socks eat their cookies and milk and recount these stories to their mother, she reminds them of the important lessons they learned at school today.

This is an entertaining story full of important morals for young children. The fact that the characters are all fashioned after different kinds of socks with humorous names makes the book all the more fun. The illustrations are colorful and well done, bringing the story to vibrant life. The layout of the book could be improved upon however, as the illustrations do not fill up the entire page, instead bordered by a very thick yellow border on every page. We would have liked to have seen the illustrations as full pages. The story does seem to end rather abruptly, but the vocabulary and guiding questions at the end of the story are nice interactive touches that help let the book’s story linger on. Since this is a set to be a planned series, we look forward to seeing what all the socks will learn next.

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