What Is Found, What Is Lost by Anne Leigh Parrish

four stars

Anne Leigh Parrish weaves an interesting tale of a recently widowed, senior citizen in her story, What Is Found, What Is Lost. The main character, Freddie, recently lost her husband after his tough battle with cancer. Parrish peaks the reader’s interest by introducing a strange man into the story, and Freddie’s daughter returns home with one child and tells her mother she is pregnant with another. The story moves along at a decent pace while jumping back and forth to give the reader more details about Freddie’s past, as well as further insight into her deceased husband, Ken and her daughter. The story carries a theme throughout around God. Freddie, born to a religious zealot, has strong disagreements with religion. This view is interwoven throughout the story. But, what does the mystery man from the beginning have to do with the story, and what happens with Freddie’s daughter and the pregnancy? As the reader moves through the story, they will also discover key components that focus on Freddie’s upbringing and how they might have had an impact on her adult life.

What Is Found, What Is Lost can leave the reader a little lost at times.  Jumping back and forth between dates and quite a few characters can lead to a bit of confusion. What is the importance of all the extra details? Parrish does share a number of questions for discussion at the end of the novel. This added aspect to the book makes it easy to use this book within a book club. It is well written, if you can keep the abundance of characters ordered within your mind, and the narrative offers a variety of topics to ponder and discuss.

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