What Lies Within by Andrea Lies


liesA collection of twenty-five poems that explore the deep and dark feelings of poet, Andrea Lies, What Lies Within is a book that chronicles one’s emotions as they deal with hardship. The poems included here are used as a way for the author to express herself in a way she was unable to do verbally, getting her feelings out with the written word in a way that is readily apparent, and often times profound. With the opening poem Trauma Lives it is clear that this is not going to be a lighthearted collection, so it is important that readers realize this before truly digging in. Poems like Broken, Lights, and The Hold showcase how the poet often feels stuck and trapped in a cycle of struggle, having to constantly try to break free from what is holding her down. A few of the poems are titled after other people, the lines spelling out the person’s name in a reflective and interesting manner. The poem Ray, that discusses the author’s deceased brother, is especially sad.

Poetry can take a wide variety of forms, tones, and can display nearly any kind of emotion. The poems in What Lies Within are raw, realistic, and heartbreaking. Andrea Lies does not shy away from her true feelings or struggles, which can be admired since she is baring it all on the page. The poems do not range in length or overall style, as they are all rather short pieces with brief lines. It would have been nice to see what other forms Lies’ poetry could take, but nevertheless the setup works here, as the poems are rather intense so the brevity of them works well for the reader.

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