What More Is There to Say? by Elaine Colton

four stars

coltonSeventy-four-year-old Elaine Colton leads a happy life. In What More Is There to Say? Colton highlights the specific moments that have made her journey to date so fulfilling. Readers visit the drive-in theater where Colton started working when she was fifteen and hear about a few funny mishaps from her years as an American Airlines stewardess. Colton recounts life outside of work, as well. A single mother of two boys, Colton describes moving to a new house, only six blocks away, to ensure that her oldest son was in the best school district. Overcoming her fears in New Paltz, New York, going to jail (more than once), and meeting her soulmate, are a few of the other memories that Colton shares.

Colton does not transition smoothly from one subject to another. Instead, What More Is There to Say? is a series of distinct memories arranged in chronological order. In this way, What More Is There to Say? feels like a personal diary and being granted full access to Colton’s writing is a fun treat. While Colton recounts her many professional accomplishments, what is most notable is her focus on the ordinary. The way in which she cherishes simple life events, from her involvement in Cub Scouts to eating late-night pizza with childhood friends, is moving. What More Is There to Say? is not a read for those seeking a cohesive, highly polished memoir with huge revelations that delivers one unbelievable events after another. Instead, this book is for those who want to glimpse at an ordinary person’s extraordinary happiness.

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