What the Clocks Know by Rumer Haven

What the Clocks Know by Rumer Haven



After a sudden breakup with her fiancé, Margot returns to her parent’s home until she is accepted into a London business school program. As two close friends help go through her belongings in preparation for the trip, Margot comes across her brother’s Ouija board. For old time’s sake, the three friends play the game, and to their surprise they make a connection with an energetic spirit that leaves a slew of cryptic clues. Although she makes light of the incident, Margot finds herself thinking back to her grandmother’s brooch that went missing years ago, as well as the mysterious person who claimed to have possession of it. Stranger things occur once Margot settles in London, especially when she connects the clues to a local grave.

Rumer Haven presents a twisted paranormal story in her latest novel. Keeping to a small-foiled cast, Haven features Margot, a young woman whose vulnerable state is intensified by her paranormal experiences. Divided into five sections, Haven gives a glimpse into what lays ahead by opening the segments with plot-related poetry from William Wordsworth (1-4) and Walt Whitman (5). Haven then follows these lyrical works with a first person narrator—a ghost—from the 19th Century before jumping ahead to Margot’s human-related and paranormal experiences. A unique approach to Haven’s writing style is her use of red herrings. Taking advantage of her principal character’s vulnerability, Haven keeps her audience often confused as they are trying to figure out if Margot is suffering from a mental condition, is really experiencing the paranormal, or both. By using this literary tool, Haven is able to not only produce a consistent narrative flow, but also provide a flurry of unexpected character scenes up to and including the story’s close. What the Clocks Know offers paranormal enthusiasts a refreshingly gripping yet keenly deceptive read.

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