What Would JeeMin Do: Anti-Bully Series by Lori and Matthew Brown

four stars

This collection of four illustrated children’s books focuses on a young girl named JeeMin and how she deals with bullying in school, at the park, and throughout her every day life. Written by two martial arts instructors who have taught self-defense and bully safety to people of all ages, What Would JeeMin Do: Anti-Bully Series offers practical advice on how to deal with bullies in any situation. The first story Words Do Hurt introduces us to the titular character, JeeMin, a third grader who meets up with her best friends Ashley and Kylee. When a new student named Rose starts at the school, some of the other kids are cruel to her and make fun of her appearance. JeeMin stands up for Rose and tells the other kids that their mean words are not nice. The next story focuses on bullies on the bus, where JeeMin once again has to step in, this time encouraging the boy bullied to report it to a teacher. The third story tells about an instance of bullying at the park, and the fourth and final story shows how cyber bullying through cell phones and the internet is also a reality for school-aged children in today’s modern world.

Each of these four stories have previously been published individually, but it makes sense as to why the authors wanted to combine them into one volume, as the stories all focus on dealing with bullying. It seems like nowadays bullying is an even bigger problem than ever, so the more resources kids have to learn about how to deal with it, the better. JeeMin is a strong and likable character, and young readers will be sure to connect with her perseverance. The bright colorful illustrations bring the narratives to life, and the stories move at just the right pace, keeping things interesting while also maintaining an informative tone that is able to provide a moral lesson. If you’re looking for a children’s book on stopping bullies in their tracks, look no further than What Would JeeMin Do: Anti-Bully Series.

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