What Would JeeMin Do: Stranger Danger Series by Lori and Matthew Brown

four stars

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.23.33 PMA collection of four illustrated children’s stories focusing on stranger danger, What Would JeeMin Do: Stranger Danger Series by Lori and Matthew Brown shows kids the proper and safe way to behave when faced with a stranger. The four stories here each focus on a different kind of scenario in regards to dealing with a stranger. The first story, Home Alone Stranger at the Door takes place when JeeMin is home alone after school and a stranger knocks on the door, claiming to be there to fix the heat, even though her parents said nothing about it. The second story, Stranger Near the Neighborhood focuses on an unknown man who seems to be luring JeeMin and her friends away from safety, even though they are smart enough to not fall for it and call out for help. The third story, Stranger in the Shadows is when a man is lurking around JeeMin and her mom in the parking lot, making them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. And finally, the last story, Halloween Stranger takes place as JeeMin and her friends are at karate and take part in a special safety class to prepare for Halloween in case anyone would try and cause them harm.

The lessons provided in this book are very important ones, and Lori and Matthew Brown do a good job at explaining all of the different kinds of scenarios that may occur when dealing with strangers. JeeMin is a smart young girl that readers will enjoy following as she deals with problems and overcoming difficult scenarios. The various kinds of stranger issues in the book cover all of the bases, and between the multiple conversations JeeMin has with her parents, helpful tips about how to deal with strangers are explained in an easy to follow manner. The artwork in the book is engaging and brings the stories to life in colorful variety. If you’re looking for a children’s book about how to teach your child to avoid strangers, this is the perfect choice.

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