When the Chips are Down by Anne Rasico

Every action we make nowadays seems to be monitored or controlled in some way, but how we are watched currently pales in comparison to the horrors described in Anne Rasico’s novella, ‘When the Chips are Down.’  The story follows a young woman named Brooklyn, who has just woken up from a two year coma to find that the world around her has significantly changed, and not for the better. Everyone is now required to have a microchip implanted within their arms by the government; a chip that Brooklyn becomes convinced has the ability to control how people behave. Shortly after she awakes, Brooklyn finds herself tangled in a secret plot that has the potential to destroy life as she knows it. With the help of her friends, she must rebel against the controlling state which everyone is enraptured within in order to save the world from its possible destruction, before it’s too late.

This book is a quick and easy read, only coming in at a little over a hundred pages. The story is an interesting one, and it makes you think about the recent developments in the world, with technologies spreading as we connect ourselves together more and more through social media and the internet. Not only that, but because of the recent various governments that have been caught spying on their citizens, this story hits home even more so. The narrative that unfolds is thus not hard to imagine as a reality in the near future, which is helped even further by the descriptive and fast-paced way that Rasico tells her tale. The story could have benefited from better developed characters, but since it is meant to be a novella, their unexplored backgrounds do not affect the overall story much. In the end, ‘When the Chips are Down,’ functions exactly as the author wants it to, as a chilling science fiction thriller that will cause you to keep the pages turning.

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