Where the Fulcrum Lies by Matt Lakes

four stars

fulcrumDaniil Kuryakin is a nuclear physicist at the top of his field in the Soviet Russia. After the sudden death of his wife, Daniil struggles to move forward. Feeling lost he becomes haunted by the questionable circumstances of her death. Daniil decides to dedicate his life to finding out the truth about her death, which sends him down a journey intertwined with conspiracy, loss, and love. Finding an ally in a Muscovite woman named Zoya, she helps him navigate this path and confront the forces behind the conspiracy. Will he be pushed to betray his country? Will he find the answers he is looking for?

Author Matt Lakes delivers an intriguing mystery set in Soviet Russia. After the sudden loss of the wife of main character Daniil Kuryakin, the reader becomes aware that a large conspiracy is forming. The author keeps the intrigue with obstacles and twists for Daniil to face, while still trying to maintain a semblance of his former life. A story set during the Cold War delivers conspiracy, loss, and new love. The author’s short chapter lengths help keep the pace of the story moving forward. When the necessary context of nuclear science is included it can slow the pace up a bit, but it doesn’t become too much for the unfamiliar reader to handle. Lakes builds the tension and mystery as the story progresses, ultimately leading the audience to a climactic ending.

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