Who Cares About Health Care? by Genrich Krasko

four stars

kraskoGenrich Krasko’s informative non-fiction book Who Cares About Health Care? A Look at the US and Other Nations is a well-organized account that scrutinizes the history of health care in America, and compares our system to six other countries. The book begins by looking at how health care has changed in the United States over the years, taking a deep dive into the history of health care in the country. Health care systems around the world are then scrutinized as we take a look at how health care functions in the nations of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The book then focuses on Obamacare, discusses the state of America’s health care system today, and finally evaluates how we are different from other countries who provide more comprehensive health care. With a dedication that praises Richard Nixon’s health care plan back in 1974, it is clear the author believes that we are in need of a better system. The book ends with an appendix which covers President Nixon’s special message to congress about a proposed comprehensive health care plan that never came to pass. From the state of our current political discourse, it is clear we still have a long way to go before we get to where we need to be when it comes to taking care of the health of our people.

The book includes many figures, graphs, rules, and the other sometimes complicated elements of what makes health care work. The author has laid out the material in an easy to follow manner that allows readers to digest the information without getting lost. Krasko admits that a great deal of his source material has come from the internet and is readily accessible to anyone who seeks it out. That being said, the fact that this book compiles so much information into one volume in a manner that allows the reader to compare and contrast health care systems around the world with what we have in the United States makes it offer a much more complete picture. It is by no means a simple read, as there is a great deal of information here, but anyone who is interested in health care and how the US system has evolved will be sure to enjoy this comprehensive book.

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