Why Not a Rhino Too? by Hilary Hawkes

four stars

A children’s book about a rhinoceros named Rumble Why Not a Rhino Too? written by Hilary Hawkes and illustrated by Richard Hawkes tells the story of this lovable animal trying to find his place. He sees an ad for wanted dancers, and decides to audition, because he figures if people can be dancers, he, a rhino, surely can be a dancer too. The people in charge of the auditions laugh at Rumble when he suggests he wants to be a dancer, but they let him try out nevertheless. The result of his dancing with the other people ends up to be a bit of a catastrophe, as his big size and lack of grace does not add well to the troupe. The instructor feels bad for Rumble so he lets him keep the dancing costume, but does not ask him to return. Once leaving the audition, Rumble sees a sign for entertainers wanted at a children’s hospital. After many of the other entertainers fail to make the sick kids happy, Rumble’s dancing perfectly delights them, and the manager asks him to return again in the future so that he can continue dancing.

The moral of this story is that just because people think you can’t be good at something, that doesn’t mean you should believe them. If you have a passion for something, then you should try it out, even if no one else thinks you can do it. Rumble is not taken seriously as a dancer, and even though he doesn’t fit in with the other dancers on stage, he finds his play dancing as an entertainer in an even better way, bringing joy to sick children through his various moves. This story will appeal to both boys and girls, and any child who enjoys dancing or animals.

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