Wild Beast Cat by Zach Bliss

four stars

wildA tale of friendship, exploration, and how curiosity can lead to both adventure and danger, Zach Bliss’ Wild Beast Cat is an enchanting narrative that is sure to excite young readers. The story begins when we meet Chris, who is told a startling story by his older brother about a a six-toed cat that grew into a wild beast and devoured a girl’s pet rabbit. Shortly after hearing this scary tale, Chris learns that his family is buying a cottage at Lake Frio, which just happens to be the place where it is said the Wild Beast Cat roams. Even though he’s scared, Chris can’t help but to seek out this creature once at Lake Frio, befriending a neighbor girl named Jesse to join him on his quest to uncover whatever truth their may be to his brother’s far-fetched story. Along their way, Jesse introduces Chris to Old Man Stick, who tells them more about the local legend, and warns them of a crooked animal control worker named Rodney, who happens to have terrible intentions. Will Chris and Jesse find the Wild Beast Cat, or will something terrible stop them along their way?

Zach Bliss does a good job of creating an entertaining story that is sure to pique young reader’s interest, while also teaching them important lessons along the way. We see how Chris’ relationship with his older brother and family changes throughout the story, while he also becomes close to Jesse, forging an important friendship. Wild Beast Cat displays how it is important for kids to be adventurous and curious, but to also be sure to protect one’s self from danger all the while. By pacing the story just right, and crafting a story that is not too difficult for younger readers to follow, this is the kind of book that is perfect for those kids who are eager to read longer stories, fully immersing themselves in a world that is both realistic and whimsical.

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