With Angel’s Wings by Stephanie Collins


angelsBased on the true story of author, Stephanie A. Collins, the fictional tale, With Angel’s Wings, will grip a reader’s heart from the first few paragraphs. Within just a few lines Collins transports readers into Laura’s journey into young love and new motherhood. Laura’s hopes and dreams are representative of many young girls, as well as the shock and utter exhaustion that often comes along with young marriage and being a new parent. Laura and Kevin struggle to save their marriage from the very beginning, but choose to strive forward making a true effort. Once their second child is born, they realize that their marriage is far from the only humongous challenge they will face during their lives. Hannah, their second daughter, is born with several heart defects and other health issues. The story takes the reader alongside Laura as she travels the perilous path with Hannah fighting for her tiny little life. Not surprisingly, having a child with special needs adds additional stress to an already precarious marriage. Collins keeps readers turning pages anxiously waiting to learn the outcome of Hannah’s health as well as what direction Laura’s marriage will take.

Stephanie A. Collins has done a fantastic job in this heartfelt fiction. With Angel’s Wings truly seems to have angel wings. In fact, the beauty and eloquence that this story is written with feels as though angels held Collins’ hand as she wrote it. Readers will feel the love that Laura has for her children and others in general as they move through the story. The frustration and the overtly straightforwardness of some of the doctors and nurses will make readers want to envelop Laura in a hug and let her know she isn’t alone. Collins simply has the beautiful ability to pull readers in and truly help them feel the characters, even the characters such as Kevin, that they may not care for. An absolute must read, Stephanie A. Collins’ With Angel’s Wings is a moving fictional story of struggle, fear, deep love and joy…and triumph.

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