Without Rhyme by Bles Chavez-Bernstein

four stars

51JwW8pLc6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A collection of approximately one hundred poems, Bles Chavez-Bernstein shares snapshot of her life from nearly every angle in Without Rhyme: A Poet’s Story. The poems included in this book range throughout the entire spectrum of human emotions, covering those both triumphant and turbulent. The poet tells tales of her time as a young girl growing up in a small rural town, to moving and living in a foreign country quite unlike her own. The words on these pages reflect times of happiness and joy, but also at times cover moments of sadness and despair. Chavez-Bernstein writes in a passionate way, her words holding much weight. Whether it is pondering over the reunion with a potential lover in Where the Path Leads, allowing oneself to enjoy the goodness of nature in Somewhere Is Bliss, or remembering special times with family in the places where we grow in Oasis for a Child, the poet succeeds at creating atmospheric pieces that are sure to stick with the reader.

The addition of black-and-white line illustrations scattered throughout this book of poetry is a nice touch that further pulls the collection together. The poems here range in tone, but overall remain consistent in their voice and style, showcasing Chavez-Bernstein’s poetic talent. Since the subject matter varies, there are poems for almost every type of reader. They are both romantic and melancholy, brooding and reflective. While the book will most likely appear to women who are interested in emotional poetry, this is the kind of collection that can easily be enjoyed by anyone who connects with personal poetic narratives.

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