Woodfiber Dreams by James Stark

Woodfiber Dreams: Coming of Age Tales by James Stark


In Woodfiber Dreams: Coming of Age Tales, author James Stark has compiled a series of thirteen short stories. They focus mainly on young children, men and women trying to help their families survive during times of fear and intense struggle. Set during the Vietnam War, the Korean Conflict, and World War II, these stories offer you an opportunity to see into the experiences and the mind’s eye of those youths who battled through the tedium of daily life just to stay warm, keep food on their tables, and stay safe from physical and emotional harm. Within just a few pages Stark has captured the uncertainty that these fictional families faced head-on.  These are stories that can reach right in and grab your heart. You may even be able to imagine your grandparents or other ancestors having lived similar moments in their lives.

Well-written and thought provoking, Stark’s Woodfiber Dreams: Coming of Age Tales, makes you realize how vastly different our lives are today than during times of war. We particularly enjoyed “Sammy’s Tale” as it truly expresses just how impactful life during those times could gravely affect a little boy or girl’s childhood.  Yet, as we read Mike Wapnewski’s Spring Awakening and One Girl’s Life we realized that Stark shared more than just the viewpoints of traumatic war time childhood. He shared what it must have been like for young adults trying to find their place in a world filled with upheaval. These are not stories to be read quickly and dismissed. Instead, James Stark offers you an opportunity to take a deep dive into life just a few decades ago if you are willing to open the window to your heart and allow his short stories to feed your soul.

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