Worldweaver: Book 2 by Emily Schroeder

Worldweaver: Book 2 in the Eld Creatures Series by Emily Schroeder

four stars

worldThe second book in the Eld Creature Series, Worldweaver, continues the story of Morgan and Roden that began in Windkeeper, the first book in the series. The war that tore this magical world apart, where the various elemental kingdoms were on different sides, has ended, and a thin agreement of peace has been put into place. The balance of this all rests on the marriage alliance between Princess Vivian of Gealgath and King Adonyss IV of Norbane. Problems arise when Vivian decides that her other plans for the future may take precedent, as she has no real interest in marrying a king from a land that is not her own. Yet her wishes are not just up to her, and it’s not long before she is forced on a difficult journey to Norbane to maintain the peace by marrying a man she doesn’t want. Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, we follow Morgan, Roden, and Heliodor struggling with their own issues. Doing everything they can to break the Great Segregation Spell, with what little chance they have. Since the eld creatures prove to be of no help in their mission, the three decide to embark on a harrowing escapade to find the fabled Worldweaver, who is said to know a great deal about ancient spells, and have the ability to control time.

Continuing with the complex world she built in Windkeeper, Schroeder deepens her magical world in the second novel in the Eld Creature Series. By adding new elements, unforgettable characters, an arranged marriage, and a suspenseful quest to break a powerful spell, this tale has every component a reader could want. The relationships between her main characters deepen, as the narrative trods along quickly in both plot lines. By balancing the backstory of what has come before this novel, and creating a piece that can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the first book in the series, Worldweaver is a delightful fantasy that excites and surprises.

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