You Are Loved by Cynthia James


lovedA simple yet positive and uplifting children’s picture book, You Are Loved by Cynthia James and illustrated by Nadine Cox serves as a reminder to children that they are nurtured by love. The story goes from the parents of the child coming together to create a beautiful new life, that results in a young girl who we follow throughout the book. Her parents care for her deeply, as does her extended family, the chorus of “You are loved, you are held, you are guided, you are safe, we are here in every moment, you are loved” is repeated many times throughout the story, the penultimate line often changing depending on the adjacent anecdote that is being told. We watch as the baby grows up into a young girl, goes to her first day of school, and moves forward in life. Through mishaps and other missteps, the child is continuously reminded how important she is, and how she is loved so very much.

The illustrations of this book are very well done and help bring the words of the story, especially the main message of love, to life. Since the main character is a little girl, this story will most likely appeal to young girls more than boys, just because they will be able to better relate to the main character and the images that depict everything that is going on. While the narrative itself is simple, it still packs a strong emotional punch. This book would be a good read for children before bedtime, especially if they are having a rough day at home, or at school, like the girl is that is depicted in the book. You Are Loved is reminiscent in tone and content to the classic children’s book I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

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