You’ll Do Anything for Her by Dr. Maureen Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger


herRelationships are often the centers of our lives and when the centers of our lives are unbalanced, it can feel like everything else in life is too. Relationships that do not seem to be working properly can be detrimental to our feelings of self-worth and self-confidence and these negative feelings can invade every aspect of our lives. In You’ll Do Anything for Her: A New Relationship Perspective, Dr. Maureen Hosier and Berta Conger begin to unpack some of the situations that may arise in relationships and how individuals respond to them. Dr. Hosier and Conger emphasize the ways that our life experiences, especially those in our childhoods, have an impact on adult relationships. An experience that we had previously may lead to cyclical negative behaviors and Dr. Hosier and Conger discuss what steps and changes in mindset can be taken to end arguments and thoughts that may be holding a relationship back. No relationship is perfect, but by taking a step back to consider one’s self and what one’s self needs to truly flourish, a relationship can reach a place of more understanding and improved communication.

You’ll Do Anything for Her: A New Relationship Perspective by Dr. Maureen Hosier and Berta Conger is, as the authors point out, not for every individual or every relationship and therapy can be a good alternative. Unlike most relationship self-help books, You’ll Do Anything for Her is somewhat anecdotal, presenting stories and situations that will not apply to every reader or every relationship. The book is also written as a series of one-sentence paragraphs, with the intention of pushing readers to slow down and really absorb each thought. However, this disjointed writing style can also make it difficult to stay engaged and follow the line of thinking that the authors intend. You’ll Do Anything for Her is not intended to be a panacea for relationships, but should instead be viewed as one potential tool for understanding the frameworks of relationships. It should be noted that the author’s two books, You’ll Do Anything for Her and You’ll Do Anything for Him do not present different information, nor are they written more specifically for one gender over the other. If looking for multiple self-help books or a self-help book catered specifically toward one gender, another book may be needed.

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