Your Body is My Prison by Oksana Leslie


oksanaOksana Leslie’s Your Body is My Prison begins in the midst of a horrifyingly violent and sexual dream. Michelle, the protagonist of the tale and star of the terrible, vivid dream, may seem like your average teenager, living in sunny Pensacola, Florida—but the truth ends up being far stranger. She suffers from antisocial personality disorder and finds herself plagued by horrific nightmares. To make matters worse, bizarre circumstances prompt the sudden death of her brother, Austin. She spoke the actions of the car accident that killed him into existence, and thus, she feels guilty for causing his death—though she’s not quite sure how she did it. Following the wreck, Michelle dips in and out of her own reality and, more often than not, inhabits the body of a purple-haired alien-murderer named Tavy. Through trial and error, Michelle learns to harness this ability to exist in another realm, to live an alternate life while sleeping. Throughout the narrative, questions of freedom, sacrifice, and consciousness are raised. All Michelle knows is that she would do anything for those she loves, something she remarkably has in common with Tavy, the viciously murderous alien being.

Your Body is My Prison never once slows down to hold the reader’s hand. In fact, in that way, it mirrors the narrative that it maps out. The novel immediately drops its readers into an alternative consciousness and thereby forces them to adopt two brand new, unique mentalities: Michelle’s and Tavy’s. Your Body is My Prison is a thrilling work that captivates and enraptures the mind while exploring the intricacies of the human brain.

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