Zenox by Alex Walker

Zenox by Alex Walker


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Alex Walker’s Zenox is the third book in his Toltec series. The timeframe of this story encompasses the ending of the Civil War and the years shortly thereafter. Confederate President Jefferson Davis selects Colonel Robert Patterson to lead a mission in which he will hide a secret confederate treasure worth millions. Within the Confederate treasure cache, Patterson discovers an odd coin and a thin metal sheet with symbols and hieroglyphs. Not knowing what they mean he takes them along with him and his team as they escape to Brazil. Years later when Patterson requests a pardon from his homeland and asks to return, President Ulysses. S. Grant is unsure if Patterson’s tale of a hidden confederate treasure is true or false. President Grant calls upon Simon Murphy and Elijah Walker, as well as archeologist, Professor George Scott to retrieve Patterson and his “band of ‘homesick’ rebels.” However, simply fetching a few former confederates from Brazil is far from a simple journey. In fact, Simon intuitively brought along the zenox, a communication device that is not of this world. The story and the mystery kicks in once they find Patterson and he shares the strange coin and sheet. Simon and Elijah recognize the sheet as being similar to the logbooks aboard the Toltec and the Cuzco. Patterson proceeds to share a secret offer he has for President Grant that is “far grander than the Confederate treasure,” but first they need to go on a very dangerous journey to find it. As expected, they encounter vicious tribesman and not everyone survives during these encounters. The native tribes aren’t the only ones try to stop them though. And, yes, the zenox comes to life as well, but what information is it transferring and to whom?

This Indiana Jones type journey is a page turner and filled with amazing information let alone the suspense. Even though this story is the third in the series it could be a stand alone. Walker does a good job of incorporating important pieces from Toltec and Cuzco, the first two books in the series, in case you haven’t read them. Alex Walker has crafted a well-written, fascinating and suspenseful series where historical fiction and science fiction meet.

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