Zig-Zag by Leona Thor

Zig-Zag by Leona Thor is a fast-paced and gritty crime novel that takes the reader behind the scenes of homicides in Los Angeles and into the actual everyday life of Detective Madison Price. Thor’s Detective Price is a character that pushes back against the negative representation of law force that today’s media so frequently sells. Price is hard-working, honest, and dedicated to the protection of his community, his family, and the law. His loving relationship with Rayna Dupree and her daughter Brandii is heart-warming and makes him such an easily accessible character that he seems like someone you could become friends with while in line at the local Starbucks. On top of his genuine nature, Madison Price is good at his work. He has a tough and firm hand with criminals and a much softer side with victims, bringing fairness and justice to his city.

Zig-Zag is a fun book to experience and Leona Thor’s honest and engaging writing touches on so many topics that Zig-Zag can appeal to almost any reader. As Thor continues to write Madison Price detective novels, there will certainly be a marked increase in the connectivity of her thoughts and the flow of her writing, making each novel better and more cohesive than the one before. Readers should not expect all questions to be answered and all crimes to be solved, but should anticipate to follow the surprising zig-zag of real life, and be excited for what good things Leona Thor has in the works.

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