Zodiac Saga 1 by Kaitlyn McKnight

four stars

zodiacIn the Zodiac Saga 1: The Search for the Temple Friends, Foes, and Zodians by Kaitlyn McKnight we follow a twelve-year-old boy named Cyrus O’Hara who is on an adventurous journey to find the legendary Temple of Zodia. Thousands of years ago in 32 B.C.E, the Zodian gods built a magnificent temple to hide their powerful gems that would save mankind whenever the dark days arrived. The Zodian god of Intellect, Cancer, ended up causing the temple to collapse just a century after it was built, the gems being scattered into different countries and time periods. As Cyrus begins his quest to find the temple in the present, he comes to discover what it truly means to have a caring family, brave friends, and the difficulties of facing dangerous enemies all while learning more about himself.

An entertaining and magical read that is sure to appeal to young readers who enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, Zodiac Saga 1: The Search for the Temple Friends, Foes, and Zodians by Kaitlyn McKnight opens up a world of adventure and suspense that is sure to continue on through the following books in the series. The book has a strong cast of characters including protagonist Cyrus, and his new friends, charming Peter, and the fearless Sofia. Along their journey the kids come across all kinds of challenges like a metal beast, a powerful witch, mysterious evildoers, those who come from the afterlife, and even a magical cat. The personalities, powers, and characteristics of the Zodian gods are also very intriguing and will be sure to delight and surprise. For such a young author, McKnight has a fascinating imagination which is sure to fill many more books in the series with absorbing tales of wonder.

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