Sales Is My Passion by Amaro Araujo

★★★★  Sales Is My Passion by Amaro Araujo is a straightforward and easy-to-follow account of the current business landscape surrounding the sales process, as well as some speculation on what the future might contain for salespeople, particularly when it comes to the application of information technology. Araujo’s book opens with a simple explanation of what constitutes the sales process, which explains how everyone is a salesperson whether they realize it or not. Our everyday routines are full of quick transactions in which we need to convince an individual or a group to do something for us. Understanding what goes into the process can help us in creating more fruitful partnerships. The second section of the book details the specific stages of the deal-making process, including what to prepare, how to make an offer, and when to follow up. Finally, Araujo wraps up by providing a list of references and essential tools that will assist salespeople in better managing their time and resources.

In the United States, salespeople are known for being quite pushy, and their reputation for having “the need to succeed” leads many people to assume that they will say or promise anything just to close a deal. But Araujo demonstrates that by gaining a deeper understanding of the numerous parties involved in making a sale, one can actually come to better care for the other parties’ wants and needs.  The book’s information is broken down very methodically, making it easily digestible for both selling novices and seasoned pros. While little information it contains will be especially revelatory, Sales Is My Passion’s greatest strength is the effect it will have on the reader, assuring you of your own skills and imparting the confidence to walk into your next sales meeting with your head held high.

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