Sins of the Brother by Rand Inskip

★★★★   In Sins of the Brother by Rand Inskip, a young woman named Jessica Ingram gains employment as a Personal Executive Assistant at Cherrystone Industries and learns that instead of helping the CEO to book meetings and schedule conference calls, she’ll be joining him on a whirlwind trip around the world hunting vampires! Malcolm and Sylvia Cherrystone hail from a wealthy family whose only directive is to seek out and destroy the very vampire who killed their grandparents some time ago. The pair has just picked up the trail of Caleb Higgins, the oldest of four vampire brothers who have long plagued numerous parts of Europe. With Jessica’s help, they’ll embark on a secret mission to locate and eliminate all four Higgins boys, fulfilling their family’s legacy in the process.

Inskip’s dark and witty novel is an original take on the vampire tale, bringing fresh blood to a once-stale genre. The book’s lore provides interesting explanations for what causes vampirism, how vampires infect each other, and how they can be destroyed, all of which add dimension to a fun, fast-paced journey through fang-filled cemeteries, warehouses, and nightclubs. Whereas other authors might focus on the romantic appeal of vampires, Inskip highlights the creatures’ loneliness and isolation, and inspires readers to sympathize with these pitiable creatures even as they commit acts of terrible evil. A late-in-the-game reveal—not to mention a budding romance for jet-setting Jessica—seems to be Inskip’s way of setting up a return to this world, which is certainly a wise move as there is so much left to explore. After finishing this blood-soaked book, readers might be left to wonder what monstrosities are hiding in the shadows around them—and what new horrors are waiting to be unearthed in Inskip’s next work.

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