Tattoo Switcheroo by Stacy Benedict

★★★★  When Otherworlders live amongst humans in secrecy, there is bound to be trouble. Fionnley McCarthy is a supernatural nurse whose life revolves around her work and her daughter. When a mysterious and beautiful Jane Doe arrives at the hospital with what looks like a cursed tattoo, Fionnley realizes her life will never be the same again. Jane Doe finally reveals herself as Meenu Sharma—but not before Fionnley’s healing charms go awry and the two women swap bodies. In order to switch back, Fionnley and Meenu embark on a secret adventure as they fight against time. They soon learn that to get through this with their lives—and their own bodies—they will have to let their guard down and learn to trust each other. As they fight against the curse and its many side effects, both physical and mental, will they be able to resist each other? True friends and love come from the most unlikely places. 

In Tattoo Switcheroo, Benedict gives her readers a deeper glimpse into the Otherworld universe with an epic adventure. While the novella is action packed and moves quickly, the story is concise and well measured from beginning to end. Filled with great comedic moments that often revolve around adult humor, Benedict’s writing is fun and heartwarming. Her characters both evolve and remain true to their instincts, all while being sexy and charming. At times, the relationships seem to form quickly and some background characters are never fully developed. However, the main characters carry the plot and the reader roots for their successes. Benedict has created a believable world filled with magical creatures that have the same human problems that we all have. Who do we resemble at our best and at our worst? And how do we handle the pressures of everyday life and love? 

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