The Adventures of Jules Khan: A Teenage Muslim Superhero by Karim K. Devji

★★★★    Born in 1925, Jules Khan is a teenager torn between different worlds. His mother, a Swede, is a talented tailor and heir to a vast fortune. His father, a Persian, comes from considerably less wealth, yet works hard to advance his career and education. After a chance meeting in Monaco, the two fall in love, and soon after—Jules is born! From a young age, Jules is taught to find value in many diverse religions and beliefs from around the world. When he is thirteen years old, Jules’ parents reveal that they are part of a secret organization sworn to protect an ancient book that is said to hold the secret of everlasting peace and global harmony. Jules soon finds himself swept up in a vast conflict between the forces of light and the armies of darkness, who seek to keep the world locked in conflict, profiting from perpetual war and chaos.

The Adventures of Jules Khan: A Teenage Muslim Superhero is helping to create new generation of media that is more representative of today’s world. With wit, humor, and profound patience, Devji guides his hero through a variety of dire situations, including a number of battles taking place all across the globe. The book itself reads like a unique mix of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and Paulo Coelo’s The Alchemist, sagely acknowledging that while teenage readers may be young, it doesn’t mean they can’t begin to ponder the strange, beautiful, and often frustrating world they live in. It is a contemplative journey of morality that oscillates between highly humorous and deeply tragic moments. Additionally, the text draws from numerous faiths like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to ensure that a wide audience, from teenagers all the way to adults, can see themselves reflected in the story. It’s impossible to say where Devji’s series will go from here, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

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