The First Genesis by Kipjo Ewers

★★★★  The First Genesis is the third book in Kipjo Ewers’ The First series, in which a sinister immortal presence is brought forth from darkness and begins to enact a plan to dominate and subjugate the people of Earth. While this is happening, the political situation around the world is starting to spin out of control, with many super-powered individuals (EVOs) believing that their genetic superiority means they should be running the show. Though some EVOs still believe in keeping the peace, tensions now threaten to bubble over. Sophia Dennison a.k.a. Freedom may have once been the only super-powered contender, but now numerous beings around the globe exhibit similar—if not quite as powerful—abilities. But one person can’t be in multiple places at once, and Sophia will need to work together with an international peacekeeping task force to prevent chaos from breaking out.

If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to superhero stories, think again. Ewers has built up a truly intriguing cast of characters, establishing a world where becoming a superhuman isn’t always a choice—but becoming a superhero is. The lore of The First series is similar to the ongoing Wild Cards series (edited by George R. R. Martin), but at its heart beats a much different story. Ewers gives ample stage time to returning fan favorites while also opening up his saga in new and unpredictable directions. In particular, readers will be intrigued by outside forces (not to be named here, of course) that arrive during the book’s later chapters and introduce an even greater level of conflict and drama. For science fiction fans looking to sink their teeth into a gritty, satisfying series, this comes highly recommended.

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