The Healer’s Daughters by Jay Amberg

★★★★★    After a devastating terrorist attack claims the lives of more than twenty people in the culturally rich Turkish city of Bergama, a quest to find answers begins. Tuğçe Iskan, the lead Turkish investigator, quickly gets to work. The seriousness of the inquiry puts Tuğçe in danger, and it soon becomes clear to her that this major investigative undertaking is not one she can handle alone. An archeologist named Özlem Boroğlu and Özlem’s daughter, Elif, become trusted confidants as Tuğçe’s sleuthing uncovers one shocking discovery after another—discoveries which point to political corruption, criminal networks, and much more.

In The Healer’s Daughters, author Jay Amberg delivers a superb, thrilling work of historical fiction with believable characters and a captivating plot. Full of Turkish traditions, Amberg invites readers to immerse themselves in the country’s culture and customs throughout the story. The Healer’s Daughters’ complex and layered plot—delicately laced with mystery—keeps readers engaged, eager to learn what happens next, and the simple black and white illustrations which appear throughout the book provide helpful glimpses into Bergama and the ancient sites central to Tuğçe’s investigation. The Healer’s Daughters is a uniquely gripping story that will appeal to everyone from history enthusiasts to fans of mysteries and political thrillers.

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