To Be The Best #3: Overtime by H. L. Hertel

2017 Red City Review Books Awards Winner for Best Characters

overtime★★★★   In Overtime, the third and final installment of the To Be the Best series, author H. L. Hertel picks the story back up five years after Rematch. When we meet up with our characters again we learn Sean has stayed away from Riverside and is building a promising new career, while Nick stayed close to home and is now in college. When our characters reunite, flashbacks to Nick’s senior season send the reader on a trip down memory lane. Recently bad luck has hit the two of them and a chance reunion might be just what was needed to turn it around. In another story about the competition of wrestling and striving to be the best, readers will jump right back into the series they love and finally learn if Nick became a State Champion.

In To Be The Best: Overtime, the beloved wrestling series comes to an end. Hertel again presents a strong story about growing up, friendship, and the world of high school wrestling. With the focus on Nick and Sean this time, readers will easily fall back into the quick pace of the book as we switch back-and-forth between their stories past and present. New allies and old rivals keep Nick on his toes during his final wrestling season, while Sean must face obstacles of his own at his new job. A time jump and new twists will surprise readers as they find out what really happened five years ago. Hertel is able again to engage readers with short chapters and his reader-friendly prose. Fans who have been waiting for the end of this wrestling trilogy will eagerly finish the book and learn if either character has finally become the best.

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