White Witch by Larry D. Thompson

★★★★  Alexa Prichard, the President of Global American Metals, is a ruthless businesswoman who only cares about the bottom line. White Witch by Larry D. Thompson is the story of Alexa’s company and its plan to mine bauxite, which is used primarily to manufacture aluminum, in the mountains of Jamaica. The mountain people of Jamaica, called the Maroons, do not want the company to mine there because it will destroy the rainforests. Alexa has been in charge of mines in many countries, where her company has destroyed the local ecosystem and poisoned the water around the mines. The Maroons protest the mine in their country in an attempt to get its construction shut down.  Meanwhile, the head of security for Global American Metals, Will Taylor, recognizes the value of the rainforest and decides to help the Jamaican protestors shut down the mine.

This book was very informative about the history of the Maroons, the mountain people of Jamaica. Readers will be interested to learn that the book’s title is a reference to a slave-owner in Jamaica named Annie Palmer who lived during the 1800’s and was known for being cruel to her slaves. In White Witch, some of the locals believe that Alexa Prichard is the reincarnation of Annie Palmer. The fact that it is partially based on a true story is also quite intriguing, and the fictional elements that Thompson has added here fit in very nicely. Readers can learn quite a lot about fighting for good causes in this book, and will hopefully be swayed more toward everyday altruism by its message. For romance fans, there is also a love story between Will Taylor and Vertise Broderick, who is the daughter of the chief of the Maroons, Colonel Broderick. With action, mystery, and conflict aplenty, it’s safe to say that there is something for everyone in White Witch.

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