Words of Life: Messages for a Path to Inner Peace by T.L. Montgomery

★★★★  Words of Life: Messages for a Path to Inner Peace by T. L. Montgomery is a collection of meditative mantras designed to help the reader pause and reflect on life’s experiences. Throughout the book, various aspects of existence—acceptance, death, grief, resilience—are given new light, examining each idea and our assumptions of what each one means. Every passage is accompanied by a photograph that echoes the message of the author’s words, aiding in the absorption of the thoughtful material found here.

In clear language that cuts straight to the heart of human emotion, Montgomery has constructed a self-guided journey to discovery that is universal in its utility, making it a suitable book for people at many different points along life’s path. One of the book’s biggest strengths is that it leans into what often get labeled as “negative emotions,” those feelings of self-doubt, depression, and anxiety that so frequently plague us. By facing these feelings head on, and by asserting their validity, readers can begin to work through whatever has been limiting them in their lives. This book would make an excellent gift for a loved one going through a difficult time, or in any situation in which we don’t always have the proper words to say. What readers will find from Words of Life: Messages for a Path to Inner Peace is that sometimes we don’t have to say anything; sometimes the biggest source of power comes from within ourselves.

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